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Welcome to our web site!

New Haven Ministries.
Striving to meet the most basic needs of families: To have
a safe place to live and raise a family, to have adequate clothing, and to have the necessary food to grow and thrive.
We are a 501(c)(3) public supported charitable organization operating under a Christian ethic. The three "tools" used to
accomplish our mission are:


New Haven Family Center:

A family shelter that helps provide for the needs of displaced families. Providing shelter, food, educational training, and counseling for families in need.


New Haven Helping Hands:

A food bank providing food, clothing and house hold items to the needy. More than 1200 families per month. Nearly 51% are seniors on fixed income.


Mission Statement

New Haven Ministries is dedicated to meeting the needs of people in need. Our goal is to provide food, clothes, and shelter to these people and help them to maintain their dignity and family unity. To strengthen the family even though they are in a crisis situation. To help them maintain their faith in each other and their faith in the Lord.

New Haven began with the formation of New  Haven Home, Inc. in 1987.
Later the New Haven Family Center came into being to meet the growing need to house and help intact families that were experiencing homelessness due to loss of job or a job that would not allow them to earn enough money to support their family. New Haven Helping Hands formed when the need became apparent that the working poor were having a great deal of trouble just existing on the low wages they were earning, Also. to meet the needs of a growing senior population that were in jeopardy because of the small income they had and the increasing cost of food and utilities.

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"Gods People Helping Gods Children"