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New Haven Ministries began its operation in 1986 in an old two story apartment building that was on the verge of being condemned. The ministry began in Mineral Wells, Texas as New Haven Home, Inc. a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, incorporated under Texas law as a nonprofit corporation, for the purpose of housing and meeting the needs of special needs children and a resource to aid the families of special needs children.
Because of the growing need for shelter for intact families, New Haven Family Center opened in 1996 in an abandoned building located in the old Fort Wolters military base that had been closed for several years. This building allowed us to house 7 families at a time.
Here we were able to house, counsel, train, and help find jobs for families that were temporarily homeless.
Because of the growing need to help those that were working and trying to support their families and the need to help the elderly on a fixed income, New Haven Helping Hands opened in 1998 in a donated building in down-town Mineral Wells. Helping Hands is a food bank and place to distribute clothes and household items to needy families.
At this time these three parts of New Haven Ministries constitute what we are. We focus on feeding, clothing, and housing needy people. I know that most people think of what we do as something that is done in a large metropolitan area. But, people forget that rural America is in need also. In rural areas it is hard to find personal and even harder to find funds to help people. The need is great but the resources low.

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