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New Haven Home, Inc. started because of the love for special   needs children. I felt that all children needed a "forever" home. We are not a foster home but a forever home for children that the world sees as handicaped. The children that we help stay for a short while to a lifetime depending on their situation. We become legal guardians for the children while they are at New Haven. We do not adopt out children but at times we have pregnant women that ask us to help find homes for their unborn children. Many have chosen this over aborting their child. Children have been refered to us for help from every source from Child Protective Services to social workers at childrens hospitals.
     Every child deserves a forever home with parents that love and support them. Someone that will not demand them to be like others their age but to help them to be all that they are capable of being. We at New Haven Home try our best to achieve this mission. 

At New Haven Home we try to meet the needs of families with special children. We help provide not only emotional support but also help supply special equipment that the children might need. Many of the items we have (electric wheel chairs, nebulizers, manual chairs, stand up wheel chairs, and other special equipment) have been donated by other families where the children have outgrown or no longer need these items. We provide what we have free to all needy children. We are some what of a clearing house for information to let families know where they can get special equipment or specialized help in meeting the needs of their children.
Sometimes all a parent needs is just someone that will listen to their problem that has been there and tell them that erything will be OK. Sometimes all they need is someone to listen while they talk about a special child that is no longer with them but is free from pain and not needing the wheelchair any more because they are walking with the Lord now and waiting for their parents to join them. Whatever the need it is personal and special and we try to help all that we can.

I remember a young lady that came to us from a broken home, a father in prison and a mother on drugs. She was going to have to drop out of school with just half a year till graduation. She moved in to New Haven and finished high school, got a scholarship and graduated college. She is now a teacher. All she needed was a place to live for just a few months. That short period of time meant  the difference between dropping out of school and having a successful and productive life.
Another young man came in one day in a US Marine uniform and grabbed me and gave me a big hug. He had just returned from duty in the middle east. After recovering from the squeeze I remembered him. He and his mother came to live at New Haven after escaping an alcoholic husband and father. He later enlisted in the Marines and served his country in Desert Storm and many other campaigns. He called me "DAD" thanked me for the help and left. There are many such stories that make the work and tears worthwhile.